Are You Providing Five-Star Service?


Ask yourself simple question – are you providing Five-Star Service? Otherwise, as described by Jay Geier in the October 2015 edition of Dental Town, you will not “stand out from the crowd” and “get you that boatload of referrals you dream about”.

According to Geier:

“99 percent of all businesses – including yours – are based around the comfort of the person or people who run the business. Plain and simple.

The only way you will become truly patient-centric is if you intentionally shift the focus from yourself and your team to what is most convenient for the patient, even when it’s inconvenient for you.”

One of the ways you can become more convenient to your patients is by being available when they call the practice. This will not always be during open hours as many patients call on nights, weekends, off days, lunch hours, or even when you are already on the phone with other patient.

Of course, this level of service can be both costly to the practice by having to staff extra hours and also burdensome on your staff by having to stay late and work weekends. With UIC Dental, you can have the best of both worlds – convenience and availability for your patients while still providing a great work/life balance for you and your staff.

Provide Five-Star Service today and make your practice more available by answering your patient’s calls on their terms with the help of UIC Dental. Click here to learn more. 

New Patients In the Office

UIC Dental is designed to make sure new patients have their phone calls answered and are able to get scheduled as soon as possible. As for what they decide to do on the waiting room, that is up to them!

H/T Buzzfeed:

15. When Andy (from Parks and Recreation) thought he nailed it at the dentist’s office.




Cost of Cancellation

Getting patients scheduled as a dental practice is difficult enough and can be even more problematic when you have cancellations or no-shows. Dentistry IQ has an article discussing reducing the cost of cancellations in your dental practice. According to Ryan Long, DDS:

 “Dental practices are faced with many different challenges and expenses. One of the most frustrating and costly of these challenges is frequent broken appointments and no shows.”

Frequent broken appointments and no-shows not only will leave open spots in your schedule, but also affects your gross profit. Dr. Long lists ways his office combats this challenge:

“One of the best ways to reduce broken appoints is to use appointment reminders.”


“Of the techniques we use, the most successful are text messaging, email, and personal rather than automated confirmation calls.”

Automated tools are available and can certainly help with the appointment reminder and confirmation process, but some patrons are not used to the technology or ignore automated requests. In times like these, confirmation phone calls can also be a very valuable tool as Dr. Long indicated in his article. You want to contact your patrons how they are most comfortable.

If confirming upcoming appointments is too time consuming or not realistic for your office staff, UIC Dental is here to help. In addition to increasing availability by handing incoming patient calls, UIC Dental also offers a service calling your patients to confirm appointments as if we were right in your office creating less frequent broken appointments and increasing daily office productivity.

Know your numbers!

As a dental practice owner one of your main objectives is to operate a successful, financially healthy practice so you can continue to service your patients long into the future. Not only do you focus on patient satisfaction, but as an owner you want to make sure your practice is profitable. In an article posted on Dentistry IQ, Kevin Wilson writes about key financial management points for dentists. According to Mr. Wilson:

“Profit comes from earning more than you spend, you can increase profit by decreasing overhead dollars in the correct category, or by increasing income. The area to focus on is increasing income, and therefore gross production/adjusted production.”

In the article, Mr. Wilson suggests closely analyzing your practice management system’s monthly summary reports and production breakdown. For example, does your practice profit more on emergency cases or by the value that a patient will provide your practice over the course of a lifetime, can average $2,500?

Either way it is important to analyze your monthly reports and make sure you are maximizing income and profitability. If your practice needs help increasing your availability to schedule new patients and keeping your schedule full, contact UIC Dental today!

Maximizing Hygiene Productivity

Every dentist wants to make sure they are maximizing hygiene productivity. Dentistry IQ recently published an article about 4 ways to increase dental hygiene productivity. According to Roger P. Levin, DDS:

“The hygiene department brings in $1 of income for every $3 generated by the dentist which leads to 1:3 ratio that translates into a 25% contribute to total practice production.”

This amount could mean the difference between whether a practice is getting by or getting ahead of everyone else.  Dr. Levin suggests a few techniques such as:

  • Increase the perceived value of a hygiene visit
  • Add value by providing more services
  • Confirm hygiene appointment two days in advance
  • Schedule the next hygiene appointment before the patient leaves

If your practice is having a hard time confirming patient appointments UIC Dental can help with this by making your confirmation calls for you. Simply reminding patients they have appointments could help make sure your practice is maximizing hygiene productivity.