Turnover Can Cost You More Than You Expected

Do you track the turnover rate for front-office staff positions at your practice? How often do you find yourself filling those positions on the front lines? Dental practice owners may not fully understand the true costs when replacing an office staff member. Indeed, it can be very costly to replace employees because productivity suffers. It is going to cost your practice money to hire, train, and accept a slower productive day to get the new employees up to speed. Heather Boushey and Sarah Jane Glynn from the American Center for Progress stated:

“The typical cost of turnover for positions earning less than $30,000 annually is 16 percent of an employee’s annual salary.”

There are two ways that the UIC Dental service will benefit your practice in relation to turnover. For one, by offloading some of the phone calls that come into the practice, you are reducing some of the stress and juggling that a front-office staffer has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Have you ever watched your front office deal with patients checking in, checking out, and the phone ringing all at the same time?

The second way UIC Dental shines with regard to turnover and training is that once your service is up and running- you never have to train us again! Our managed service concept means that we constantly train our staff, and review their performance.

Do Not Let the Front Office Phone Become Your Practice’s Achilles’ Heel

In an interesting article titled 100 tips from 100 practice management experts in 100 words or less posted on DentistryIQ.com, consultant Michael Ventriello stated:

“The Achilles’ heel of practice building is often the front desk telephone. Anyone picking up an outbound line must answer in a courteous, professional and unhurried manner. Callers should not feel like they’re calling a pizzeria on Super Bowl Sunday”


“Remember, your best marketing efforts are simply wasted if your phone is not answered properly.”

UIC Dental is designed just for this purpose and our proven process makes sure that your marketing dollar is maximized with new patrons. We answer as your practice with a consistent, friendly voice as specifically instructed during the implementation process. Contact us to learn how to get started with UIC Dental so the front office phone does not become your practice’s Achilles’ heel.

Voicemail is Dying — Does Service Have to Follow?

In her Washington Post article from January 2, 2015, author Naomi S. Baron argues that “Voicemail is dying” and explains just how outdated the medium is becoming.  This is something that the younger generation of Americans have known a while and you might have experienced as well when you received a call from someone asking, “Did you call?” or “What did you need” just a few minutes after you left them a voicemail.

In a culture where voicemail is becoming obsolete, depending on a patient leaving a message can be a risky proposition. This is something that UIC knows all too well, which is why our UIC Answers service is there for you to make sure that when a patient calls, they get the service they need. The value of a new patient is too import to risk on hoping they leave a message and then you can get a hold of them the next day without an extended game of telephone tag.

Don’t let the fact that voicemail is dying hurt your patient service and in turn profit margin. You have done the hard part in getting the patron to call your office – now just make sure you pick up the phone and answer.

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