What is the cost of the service?

UIC Dental offers pricing to fit every office and volume. Many variables affect the number of phone calls that we answer for a practice.  How many days out of the week are you open?  What hours?  How many clinical providers work at the practice? Our staff will work with you to understand the individual aspects of YOUR practice in order to answer these questions. Contact Us for a personalized quote!

How does the service integrate with my practice software?

UIC IT staff will work with your staff or technology provider to create a secure network connection between our office and yours.  We access the practice management software in a very similar way to how your local staff does.  When we schedule appointments, we will do so in a consistent manner that is compatible with your existing scheduling protocols!

We train our staff extensively on how to operate a wide variety of practice software systems, including EagleSoft, Dentrix, Dolphin, OpenDental, and SoftDent.

Do I have to change my phone number?

No, your phone number will stay the same.  UIC IT staff will work with your phone service provider to configure forwarding rules from your existing number.

When UIC Dental makes outbound calls on your behalf, we use your phone number as the caller-ID that patients see.  That makes it seamless for patients when they see a call coming in or if they miss the call, they know to call you back!

What are your hours?

We answer the phone when patients are most likely to call!

  • 7am until 10pm (ET) Monday – Friday
  • 8am until 8pm (ET)  Saturday

Does the service work with every phone system?

We’ve never met a phone system we couldn’t work with!  Some systems do come with various limitations on the forwarding rules that can be setup.  Our staff will work to explain the options available to your practice.

Can I choose when to send calls to your company?

Our customers are always in the driver’s seat – you can set the hours and days when calls are forwarded.  Your practice will get the most value by having UIC answer calls throughout the day.  Our experience shows that most practices miss about 30% of incoming phone calls – even during the days when the practice is open!

Do I have access to hear the phone calls?

Transparency is a part of our DNA!  We offer our customers the ability to listen to any phone call at any time.  Our self-service web portal is designed to help you best understand how we are interacting with your customers.  Find calls based on date/time or the specific reason that the patient called.

What is the contract length?

UIC’s services are available month-to-month with NO long term commitment!  We are so confident in the value you will see in our service, and how happy you will be with the manner in which our staff interact with your patients that there is no need for a term agreement.

How many calls on average will you answer for my practice?

Every practice is a little bit different, so this number varies.  We can be confident in saying your practice is missing at least 30% of patient phone calls.  Talk with our staff and we can help you answer this question after we discuss some of your practice details.  Variables like number of operatories, number of providers, and hours open all impact this figure.

Does the service provide Spanish language support?

Yes!  We have Spanish speaking staff to help your patients and customers communicate in their preferred language.