Incoming Calls

Every day patients are calling your practice at times when your staff is unavailable. UIC Dental makes sure that your phone is always answered. We work with you to configure your phone service to forward calls to our office after-hours, or when you are at lunch and cannot answer the phone. Our staff answer the phone as you would, using your practice name. We train our staff specifically to handle calls in the manner you direct. Using a custom designed software interface, our staff have the ability to easily understand the specific scheduling rules YOUR office desires.


Every time your office phone rings and goes unanswered is potential business for your practice. Our service offers a provable return-on-investment. You will know which patients are scheduled by UIC Dental and easily determine the resultant revenue. Considering the average patient value for your practice is probably in the thousands of dollars, why take the risk that they do not get into your production schedule? You invest thousands of dollars in marketing in an attempt to reach prospective patients. Protect that investment by scheduling them on their terms!